Student Organizations


The University Campus as envisioned has transformed itself into a veritable social laboratory where students, faculty members and administrative personnel of diverse background and ethnic origins learn to appreciate each other’s culture. The University is in the forefront in promoting cultural integration and forging national solidarity. Christian and Muslim students alike share the same dormitory. An array of activities create opportunities for regular interactions. These include fora and symposia, and social functions like start-of-term or kickoff activities and end-of-term celebrations. There are, moreover, occasions which provide opportunity for faculty, officials, staff and students to mix freely in an extra-curricular environment.


Registration Requirements for Student Organization

There are several campus student organizations duly registered and recognized through the Division of Student Affairs.  Recognition is renewable yearly upon compliance with certain DSA requirements. Organizations are classified into academic, semi-academic, intergroup, club, fraternities, sororities and dormitory associations.