Pre-University Center

The Pre- University Center ( PUC ) started in 1970,suspended for sometime, and revived in 1985. It was institutionalized in 1989 and converted to a center in 1998 to further strengthen the Pre- University Program aimed to cater the pressing need of entering freshmen students ( called “ at risk” students).

“If the University must constantly and zealously guard its standard of instruction…..It must study the feasibility of creating a pre- collegiate year for high school graduates intending to enter the University [ by supplementing their] skills in English, Mathematics and Science…”

– ( Dr. Antonio Isidro’s, MSU’s First President, MSU: It is Development Plan, 1964)

The center is mandated to implement the College Bound Program to Muslims and other members of the indigenous communities during summer and the College Preparatory Course to all Filipinos ( and foreigners ) during the regular semester of every academic year. These special programs  for the special people for special reasons are intervention programs. They are designed to upgrade the academic preparation of entering freshmen students especially from the underachieving and low performing indigenous people who get conditional score in the Mindanao State University- System Admission and Scholarship Examination ( MSU- SASE ).

Why the Intervention Programs:

Institutional Study, 1980- 1984 shows the following data:

  • Average 5- year Student Population   6,760
  • Direct and Open Admission ( first come – first served )
  • Average 5- year Graduation Rate – 16.1%,  Lowest rate – 11.4%
  • Drop Out Rate was  18.9% each year.  82% are Muslim and members of the Cultural Communities
  • COA finding ( 1985 ) shows 18% of the annual graduates are Muslim and Cultural Community students
  • Nearly 70% of students are only up to General Education ( first 2 years in MSU ).

The Undergraduate Admission and Scholarship Screening Process:

PUC Intervention/Bridging Programs: CBP and CPC

  • Students who do not pass SASE or CET ( either Conditional or Failed ) are normally not allowed to enrol in the AB/BS program
  • However, to make them qualify they are required to undergo a crash program, the College Bound Program ( CBP ) or the College Preparation Course ( CPC ) which are both offered by the Pre– University Center ( PUC )
  • The training classes are rigid and strictly devoted to development of competence in English and Mathematics; Values Education is added to provide maximum motivation to work hard for the students’ own improvement

Rreports on the Results of Studies on CPB and CPC:

ten- year study shows that both programs were very effective in enriching the academic competence of the students.

Graduation Rated in AB/BS Courses

CBP Participants                                          32%

CPC Participants                                          1%

Non- CBP/CPC enrolees

( or the so- called passers of SASE/CET )        25%

This study clearly shows a definite of all our incoming students in their pre- college preparation. Those who take the CBP and CPC are much improved and had better chances to finish a course. Some CBP and CPC participants even graduate as Cum Laude or Topped the government board exam.

Also a thesis study reveals that the CPC participants had better performance in English and Mathematics subject than the non- CPC participants.

Participants Average Performance Overall Average
English Math
CPC Participants 82.94% 61.65% 72.30%
Non- CPC Participants 67.07% 40.19% 53.63%

Because of their high success rate,the  topnotchers in CBP are awarded Academic Scholarship, Special Muslim Study Grant, CCG or CBP Study Grants. Also because of their impressive scholastic improvement the Special Muslim Grantees and CCG- Maranaos are all required to take and pass the summer CBP Program.