Charter of MSU (R.A. 1387, as amended)

Section 12. There shall be a Secretary of the University, appointed by the Board. He shall be the secretary of such Board and also of the University, and shall keep such records of the University as may be designated by the Board.

Code of Governance (BOR Resolution No. 92, Series of 1998, 133rd Meeting, May 12, 1988)

Sec 20. The Secretary. The Secretary of the University shall be ex-officio secretary of the Board and shall perform the following functions: (1) to notify the Regents of all meetings of the Board and to send to each Regent a copy of the agenda at least one (1) week before the scheduled meeting; (2) to keep a record of its proceedings; and (3) to furnish each Regent a copy of the minutes within a reasonable time, preferably two weeks, after each meeting.

Sec 30. Secretariat. There shall be a System University Council Secretariat which shall assist the Chairman and the Secretary of the Council in monitoring the work of the various standing committees. The Secretariat shall be under the Office of the University Secretary. The Secretariat shall: (A) Issue notice of Council meetings at least two weeks before the scheduled date of meetings; (B) Keep custody of the records and minutes of the records and minutes of the proceedings of the Council meetings; (C) Send copies of the minutes of Council meetings to all its members; and (D) Furnish each Council member of a copy of the order of business of every regular meeting at least two weeks in advance.

Sec. 32. System Administration. System Administration shall be composed of the following:

1) Office of the President;

2) Office of the Executive Vice President;

3) Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs;

4) Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance;

5) Office of the Vice President for Planning and Development;

6) Office of the University Secretary; and

7) Such other offices as may be established by the Board of Regents

The System Administration shall be responsible for the formulation, planning, controlling, monitoring and review, coordination and integration of system-wide policies, programs, systems and procedures, standards, activities and functions while establishing a decentralized system of autonomous campuses which shall be responsible for campus-oriented academic, administrative and service functions.

Section 45. University System Council.

45.5. Secretariat. There shall be a Secretariat headed by the University Secretary. The Secretariat shall issue the minutes of the proceedings of the meetings; and shall send a copy of the same to each Council member. He shall send out copies of the agenda to the various autonomous campuses at least ten (10) days before such meeting.

Section 46. The Presidential Advisory Committee

The Committee shall be composed of the Vice Presidents, the University Secretary and the Chancellors. It shall advise the President on matters of system-wide concerns and shall brief him on the status of campus-oriented activities. The University Secretary shall serve as the Secretary of the Committee.

BOR Resolution No. 849, Series of 1973.

The Board of Regents have likewise designated the University Secretary as Executive Officer of the Board.

BOR Res. No. 2, S. 2004

The Secretary of the University as custodian of records, is an ex-officio member of all committees, bodies of the University involved in the formulation/implementation of policies (such as the PSB. Budget Committee, and others.