Office of Admissions


The Office of Admissions aims to become a highly competent and effective unit of the University in the screening and admission of students and in providing scholarship grants to deserving students of the University.


The Office shall strive for the efficient implementation of admission and scholarship policies and procedures ensuring adherence to the demands of academic excellence, and shall continue to initiate and implement more effective testing and screening programs designed to further improve the selection and recruitment of scholars, study grantees and other incoming students.


To provide an effective admission, testing and scholarship services designed to support and promote the University’s vision and mission of academic excellence and the socio-economic development of the Muslims and other cultural groups in the MINSUPALA region.


By virtue of BOR Res. No. 1530, s, 1978, as amended, the Office of Admissions is mandated to perform the following functions:

  • To develop, supervise, and coordinate the implementation of admission policies and procedures under the direct supervision of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs;
  • To administer and supervise the MSU System Admission and Scholarship Examination for Marawi Campus;
  • To implement the revised scholarship scheme in close consultation and as authorized by the Campus Scholarship Committee;
  • To formulate and implement policies governing the admission of transferees, second-degree students, foreign students, and the readmission of dismissed students, and other scholastic delinquents;
  • To render assistance to students who were having admission and scholarship problems;
  • To undertake studies and recommend improvements on student admission and scholarship and student performance;
  • To promote and establish goodwill and rapport with the public especially with all high schools in the MINSUPALA Region for a continuous input of freshmen students.