Information Systems Department (ISD)

The Information Systems Department does all the computerization, network administration, and programming responsibilities of the University. It is responsible for the physical and logical administration and management of the University Data Center, which houses all the servers, IP/PABX System, ISP routers, networking, and other ICT equipment. It also acts as the main controller/regulator of internet access to all offices around the Campus. It designs and develops software and other computing programs as required by the end-users. It is also responsible for the website and database information management in the Main Campus. Further, it also serves as the research and development arm of the Center, designing information system that reflects the needs of the clientele in the MINSUPALA region.


Support Services and Training Department (SSTD) 

The SSTD group serves as the maintenance arm of the MSU-ICT Center. It performs networking installations with the members of the ISD, and the maintenance and repair of computer hardware and software  in the Campus. It is also responsible for the physical network maintenance and repair outside the University Data Center/Server Room. It conducts training through short computer courses on software applications and on computer hardware maintenance and repairs. Moreover, it serves as the clearing department for the procurement of all computer-related hardware and software within the University. 


 ICT Business Office (BO)

The BO serves as the business arm of the Center. It manages the University Internet Cafes and facilitates the distribution of internet services in the Campus. It offers printing services like documents, ID Cards, etc, and sells internet access cards to WIFI Hotspot users. It also serves as the main agent in cultivating interest among University constituents in information technology and the integration and adoption of cyber culture in the Campus. It envisions to establishing Internet Cafes, WIFI hotspots, and Workstations strategically around the campus including in student dormitories and in faculty cottages.  The BO works hand in hand with the ISD IT Officers and SSTD when needed.