Human Resource and Development Office


To be the leading front line administrative office in the delivery of the public service as well as upholding merit and maintaining excellence in the university.


As front line administrative service unit of the university, we shall play a crucial role in providing efficient and quality service to the public; and with our strong commitment and dedication to service guided by teamwork and adherence to established laws and policies; we shall provide full administrative support and authority to the students and the faculty.

Functional Charter under Mindanao State University Code

Human Resource Development Office

It shall assume all the functions of the personnel office/units as defined by University Code and pertinent resolution of the Board of Regents. It shall be responsible for the formulations; monitoring and review and coordination of personnel policies, programs, systems and standard for the campus. It shall be headed by a Director.

1. Personnel Service Section

It shall implement, monitoring and review, and coordinating policies, programs, systems and standards for the personnel recruitments, utilization and mobilization process document related to the appointment, leaves retirement details or transfer of personnel and to coordinate with appropriate higher authorities for the grant of tenure to campus employees. It shall be headed by a Section Chief.

2. Training and Development Section

It shall develop and implement; monitoring review and evaluate, monitor or conduct development programs for administrative personnel of the campus; and shall conduct orientations and sessions for new recruits of the campus. It shall be headed by a Section Chief.

3. Evaluation and Promotion Section

It shall formulate and recommend, plan and implement monitor and review, coordinate and integrate evaluation on a promotion scheme of the administrative personnel; to protect reentry programs of returning grantees and to rationalize economic incentive for employees of the campus. It shall be headed by a Section Chief.

4. Records and Classification Section

It shall be responsible for maintaining and updating comprehensive personnel files of campus employees, preparing of campus profile of campus employees; and for safekeeping and updated listing of the fields of specialization and skills of employees of the campus. It shall be headed by a Section Chief.

Contact Information

The Human Resource Development Office
Office of the Director for Human Resource Development Office
Ground Floor Antonio Isidro Hall Building, 2nd Street
Mindanao State University Main Campus – Marawi
9700 Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, Philippines
TeleFax: 0918-9180-530
Email: [email protected]