Housing Management Division



The Housing Management Division supervises student dormitories and residence halls for faculty, staff and other MSU employees in accordance with approved rules and regulations. It also administers the established housing policies to the university-owned housing units.

The five (5) girls’ dormitories can accommodate a total of 1,600 residents while the three (3) men’s dormitories can accommodate a total of 800 residents.  Accommodation at the dormitories is free to all scholars and grants in-aid recipients.  For paying students, the semestral fee per resident is P350 (subject to change anytime to cope with inflation), to be paid at the University Business Office (UBO)

Dormitories/Residence Halls

  1. Rajah Indarapatra Hall Ladies Dormitory-North Wing – Girl’s dorm.
  2. Rajah Indarapatra Hall Ladies Dormitory- South Wing – Girl’s dorm.
  3. Princess Lawanen Hall-North Wing – Girl’s dorm.
  4. Princess Lawanen Hall-South Wing – Girl’s dorm.
  5. Super New Girls’ Dormitory – Girl’s dorm.
  6. Super New Boys’ Dormitory – Boy’s dorm.
  7. Rajah Solaiman Hall – Boy’s dorm.
  8. Rajah Dumduma Hall – Boy’s dorm.
  9. Bolawan Hall (transient) – Boy’s dorm.
  10. Torogan Hall (transient) – Boy’s dorm.

Each room is assigned with four (4) to eight (8) students and is provided with basic furnishing such as study tables, chairs, bed with foam mattresses and lockers.  Bath and comfort rooms are common.


  1. To ensure a sociocultural integration in all University dormitories;
  2. To ensure that scholars and other deserving students are prioritized and are accordingly awarded bed spaces;
  3. To come up with an updated master-list of student residents in the Housing Management Division; and
  4. To facilitate the admission of qualified students in all University dormitories.

General Policies and Guidelines

  1. Accommodation in all University dormitories shall be in accordance with the following prioritization scheme:

First Priority:  Scholars

    1. Academic Scholars
    2. State Scholars

Second PriorityGrants-in-Aid Recipients and Members of Performing Cultural Groups

    1. Special Muslim Grantees
    2. Economic Development Grantees, Cultural Community Grantees, PUP Passers
    3. Band and Combo Scholars, Darangen Members, Sining Kambayoka Members, Sining Pananadem Members
    4. College Bound Program (CBP) Grantees
    5. Student Welfare Assistantship Program (SWAP) Beneficiaries

Third Priority:  Paying Students

    1. Those who lost their scholarship
    2. Those from far-flung provinces and cities
    3. Those from nearby provinces and cities
    4. Those from Marawi City and other parts of Lanao del Sur
  1. Accommodation in all University dormitories is a privilege, hence, selective. Moreover, contract for accommodation is to be renewed on semestral basis.
  2. All residents are to vacate their rooms every summer and semestral break. If they intend to live in the dorm the following semester, then they must apply for accommodation three weeks before the last day of classes.
  3. Freshmen students shall be equally distributed to all dormitories.
  4. Mini-restaurants inside the dormitories are strictly prohibited.
  5. No student-resident maybe allowed to stay in the dormitories beyond a maximum of five- year period.

Requirements for Dormitory Admission

       1. Scholar/Grants-in-Aid Recipients/Members of Performing Cultural Groups

    • Contract of Scholarship Agreement
    • Approved Certificate of Registration (Requirements 1 and 2 are to be submitted only after the student is enrolled.  Non-compliance should cause the dismissal of the student from the dormitory)
    • Interview (for freshmen and conditional old students only) by the Dormitory Managers/HMD Director.

Note: Upon arrival in the campus, freshmen scholars and other grantees are afforded temporary accommodation at the dormitories by this office.

       2. Paying Students

    • Approved Certificate of Registration
    • Payment of P350.00 lodging fee per semester to be paid at the University Business Office (UBO)
    • Interview (for freshmen and old conditional students only)
    • A properly accomplished application form for accommodation

When to Apply

Scholars and other new and old grantees may apply for dorm admission two (2) weeks before enrollment.  Paying students will only be entertained one week after the enrollment.  The former is thus encouraged to apply before enrollment to benefit from the prioritization accorded to them.  All students applying for dormitory shall go directly to the unit manager of the different university-owned dormitories and present the requirements for dormitory admission to the manager. If the applicant passes the interview, the manager issues an accommodation slip for payment of lodging fee to the University Business Office (UBO) before the approval of the application by the Director of the Housing Management Division.


Personal Conduct

The residents in the different university-owned dormitories shall comply with the rules and regulations so as to maintain an atmosphere contributory to the well-being of other residents.  Any student who conducts himself prejudicial to other residents may be refused future accommodations in any of the dormitories. It is the responsibility of each resident in both his/her personal conduct and his/her attitude toward others to contribute to an atmosphere conducive to study.  Radios, record players, CD players, tape recorders and other musical instruments must be operated with due consideration of the comfort of other residents and in observance of quiet hours.  Silence should be observed on the following study hours in the evening: 8:00 to 12:00.  Lights in the room must be switched off after 12:00 midnight except during review and examination days.

When there is no one in the room, all lights should be turned off.  Violence against person or property is an offense, hence, subject to disciplinary action. Drinking liquor or any alcoholic drink is strictly prohibited inside the residence halls or in the University premises; creating disturbances while under the influence of alcohol is an unbecoming conduct which is ground for disciplinary action and eventual dismissal from the dormitory. Smoking is prohibited in the room except in the receiving halls. Gambling in any form is forbidden.  Two offenses of this nature should be a ground for expulsion. Everyone should realize the dangers involved in possessing firearms and fireworks where students live in close proximity. Possession of firearms of any type is a ground for expulsion from the hall and from the University. Possession or use of long knives, pallet guns, firecrackers and other bladed weapons will result in expulsion.

All visitors shall be entertained at the receiving hall of every dormitory. Parents, friends and relatives may be allowed to visit dormitory resident(s) provided the door of the room remain open and such visit is made after prior approval of the dormitory management. Ladies entertaining visitors must not be in their bedroom attire.  Wearing of “short shorts” is prohibited.  Women are not allowed to enter inside the men’s dormitory except during the open house or with chaperon and with the permission of the management.

The following are the approved visiting hours, to wit:

Men’s Dormitory                             Ladies’ Dormitory

8:00 – 11:00 AM                                  9:00 – 11:00 AM

3:00 – 7:00 PM                                     5:00 – 6:00 PM

In order to maintain cleanliness in dormitories and their facilities, student residents are held responsible for their proper use. Willful damage or improper use of any of the University facilities will result to disciplinary action plus payment or replacement cost. Any student resident caught in the possession of firearms and other deadly weapons (as mentioned earlier), prohibited drugs (possession or use), caught in habitual drunkenness (three times or more) and found gambling twice should be immediately dismissed from the dormitory and refused admission in any other University residence hall.

These rules and regulations shall bind the resident effective upon his/her admission to any of the MSU owned dormitories.  Violation or infraction of any of these rules and regulations is punishable by either reprimand, suspension or expulsion from the dormitories and suspension or expulsion from the University in addition to reparation or replacement cost.

Norms of Conduct/Responsibility of Dormitory Residents

  1. The resident should respect the peace and privacy of his/her co-residents and observe proper decorum. Silence shall be strictly observed from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM.
  1. The residents should cooperate with the residence hall management in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the dormitory/hall. No resident shall be allowed to cook inside his/her room.
  1. The residents should use toilet and bathroom properly. The ladies should dispose their sanitary napkins properly.
  1. The resident shall be held liable for any damage done to the facilities issued to them and the furnishing of the hall.
  2. The possession of firearms, deadly weapons, gambling device and pornographic materials is strictly prohibited in the residence hall.
  1. Any resident using an electric fan, radio or tape recorder which may need electric power, should first secure a permit from the residence head.
  2. The resident should cooperate with the dormitory or residence hall management in the adoption of measures to prevent fire, accidents and theft. The dormitory/ hall does not assume responsibility of any loss of personal items.
  1. Radios, Phones and other musical instruments must be tuned at such volume so as not to disturb or make the other residents inconvenient.
  1. Study and visiting hours shall be observed at all   Residents must strictly observe curfew hours which begin at 7:00 PM and ends at 5:00 AM.
  1. The resident shall not be allowed to transfer from one room to another except if permitted by the residence head and duly approved by the housing division.
  1. Keeping pets in the residence hall, hanging wet clothes, leaving soiled foot wears and other wet materials in the hallway are prohibited.
  1. Loitering around, room neighboring, singing, serenading, shouting, running along the stairs and hallways, and other deliberate actions that attract attention or may disturb other residents during night time or any appointed hours are strictly prohibited.
  1. No student is allowed to use paste in posting notices on the bulletin board and walls.
  1. No students shall be allowed to use his/her room or any of the premises of dormitory for any commercial activity
  1. The resident is prohibited to introduce alteration and/or renovation of the premises.
  1. Dependent or unregistered person shall not be allowed to stay with a legitimate resident. However, a transient may be accommodated on a case-to-case basis upon approval by the HMD director.