The Mindanao State University: A Historical Glimpse

by Dr. Datumanong A. Sarangani, Past MSU EVP (1990-2011), now Senior Professional Lecturer, College of Public Affairs, MSU, (Member, MSU Students Pioneer Batch 1962, Member, First Graduating Class of 1996, First Alumni Batch). A Brief Glance The Mindanao State University was officially created by law, by virtue of Republic Act…

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The President’s 7 Point Agenda

ENHANCEMENT OF THE SEVEN ELEMENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY FACULTY. The quality of the faculty members primarily determines the strength of the University. Under my leadership, a strong emphasis to academic excellence and full management support of its attainment shall be the guiding principles for executive decisions. ACADEMIC PROGRAMS. The academic…

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Freshman Week

Nulla facilisi. Mauris facilisis, lacus blandit luctus sodales, augue risus molestie ante, hendrerit blandit quam felis et nisl. Nam purus orci, malesuada nec egestas fermentum, sollicitudin vel risus. Nunc sed pellentesque metus. Cras finibus elit nec suscipit vestibulum. In ultrices id arcu a auctor. Nulla sagittis ipsum odio, ac auctor…

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