Arts and Culture


MSU students are treated every now and then to cultural presentations. The presentations are usually under the auspices of the Darangan Cultural Troupe and the Sining Kambayoka.  The two constitute among the most colorful of all campus student groups.  With their successful presentations in major cities in the Philippines and abroad, they are likewise the most popular and widely acclaimed cultural groups on campus.

MSU Cultural Groups

Sining Pananadem

Supplementing and reinforcing the efforts of the Darangan Cultural Troupe and the Sining Kambayoka, the Sining Pananadem, an all-Meranaw group, had its debut before a very receptive audience in 1989. This company of performance was conferred official recognition through BOR Resolution No. 139, series of 1989. The Sining Pananadem has taken on the mission to wrest from oblivion the centuries-old cultural treasure includes autochthonous songs, rituals, customs, chants and instrumental music. The amassed materials are interpreted for stage performances.

Sining Kambayoka Ensemble

The Sining Kambayoka, founded in 1974, is the only Filipino Muslim folk theater company in the country. In its less than two decades of existence, it has reaped prestigious awards and enthusiastic, critical acclaim. It won the 1977 Aliw Awards for Most Promising Cultural Troupe of the Philippines, the 1977 Kalilangan Awards for the Best Cultural Troupe of the Philippines, the 1978 Aliw Awards for the Most Outstanding Theater Group of the Philippines,  the 1981 Balagtas Award for Filipino Drama, and 2020 Gawad Award.

Darangan Cultural Troupe

The Mindanao State University, in fulfillment of its role as conservator and propagator of the indigenous culture of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan, organized the Darangan Cultural Troupe in 1966. The troupe has since served as a means or achieving one of the essential objectives of the University as mandated by its Charter – to promote cultural integration.