Seventeen Newly Elected Deans Take their Oath of Office at Installation/Affirmation Rites

Seventeen Newly Elected Deans Take their Oath of Office at Installation/Affirmation Rites

After a three-month Search undertaken by the Deanship Search Committee, seventeen newly elected deans of the MSU Main Campus took their oath of office before the University President, Dr. Habib W. Macaayong at the Affirmation/Installation Rites held on July 11, 2018 at the CHARM Pavilion.

The Search, strictly guided by the BOR-approved scheme BOR Res. 149, s. 1997, was a grueling process that went through several phases. It started off with a drawing up of a list of all faculty members in each college that are eligible for the deanship and sending invitation letters to those found qualified based on the established set of criteria, each with corresponding weights. The essential of confirmation of willingness to throw in the towel to join the race must be complied with in a return slip to be submitted to the Committee. This done, the schedules for the Straw Poll was prepared. The Straw Poll served the purpose of gauging the acceptability of the nominees to the faculty, students, and staff. A format was closely followed for all colleges: Rationale for the Search, Mechanics of the Search (including formula used for the computation of points), Announcement of Number/ List of Candidates/Nominees, and Presentation of the Candidates and their Platforms. There were three groups of voters: the faculty, the students, and the staff. In the presentation of candidates/nominees, eligibles who declined to join the Search were requested to defend their stand or decision. There should at least be three contenders. Only two colleges, the College of Law and the College of Business Administration and Accountancy, had lone candidates. To obtain measures of intangibles (elements of effective and competent leadership), interviews in Phase III were held. In Phase IV, the formula to be used in ranking the Top 3 nominees was prescribed. It took the Committee three months to do the rounds and complete the process.

After the Straw Polls were completed, interviews of the shortlisted candidates were conducted. The Committee members who by this time had perused the Concept Papers submitted by the candidates were assigned specific dimensions of areas of interest to consider or focus on like moral rectitude/integrity (personal values), vision for the future of college, leadership and management style, communication skills and rapport with the faculty, staff, and students, etc. There were questions that referred to the contents of the Concept Paper. The Interviews were conversation-like and as relaxed as possible. The round of interviews concluded, the Committee convened for a general evaluation to prepare the shortlist to be submitted to the President.

The Deanship Committee was headed by Dr. Florencio D. Recoleto, Jr. with Dr. Samuel E. Anonas, Regent Cecile B. Mambuay, Dr. Teresita Poblete, and Atty. Norma A. Marohom as voting members, and PMS Dir. Aliah Cali-Pascan, Dr. Rebekah M. Alawi and Dr. Johara Alangca-Azis (Secretary) as non-voting members.

The rigorous Search process was elucidated by Dr. Samuel E. Anonas in his Opening Remarks. VCAA Recoleto outlined the functions and responsibilities of the Deans.

In commending each college unto the hands of the respective newly elected deans, Pres. Macaayong likened each to a fragile item that must be handled with care and love. He exhorted them to be servant leaders, quoting from Tao Te Ching: “To lead others, the leader walks beside them” and “Why do the hundred mountains pay homage to the sea? Because it lies below them.” During their tenure of office, he expects them to be servant leaders who care and serve with humility, and generously give of themselves, and to understand that “the purpose of the world is not ‘to have and hold’. He expressed confidence that they will be leaders “not only to your supporters, friends and allies, but to all, including those who oppose you, criticize you, and are a vexation to your spirit.