President Macaayong Graces the 2nd MSUAA-NA International Reunion and Convention In Toronto, Canad

by Atty. Renato S. Pacaldo, Ph.D, Professor, Mindanao State University-Main Campus, Marawi City, Acting Executive Director, International Affairs and Linkages Office

President Habib W. Macaayong travelled to Toronto, Canada as the guest and inspirational speaker of the MSU Alumni International Reunion and Convention on July 12-14, 2019, hosted by MSUAA-North American Chapter. The convention was the first of its kind held in Toronto Canada, which was participated by more than 100 alumni from across America, Canada, and Australia. The theme of the convention was “MSUans Reaffirming Commitment and Paying it Forward”. More than ten MSUans from the Philippines, including Alumni BOR Regent Bobby Lim, were present during the convention.

In his inspiration message, the President expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the MSU alumni for their undying support of their alma mater and making MSU proud of their accomplishments in their respective professions.

The academic hardships, cultural challenges, and unique setting of MSU, particularly the Marawi campus, are the common experiences among MSUans that cannot be repeated anymore except in reminiscence, which is the main reason why MSUans from far way places attended the convention.

He also emphasized the importance of unity amidst diversity among the various chapters of MSU Alumni Association in USA and Canada. There could be differences in principles and ideals among MSUans, but these differences must not be the stumbling block in attaining the goal to pay back the MSU as an expression of gratitude for all the good things they enjoyed in their lives. He also sought the support of alumni in the internationalization programs and other research initiatives to increase the visibility of MSU in the international academic community.

The convention was culminated by an unforgettable visit to the world-famous Niagara Falls, where the President celebrated his birthday. The alumni also serenaded the President in the celebration of his birthday on July 13. A meeting with the different MSU alumni groups was also held to discuss the next steps forward. After the visit in Toronto, Canada, the President flew to Washington DC to meet the alumni. Then, he proceeded to New York and Las Vegas to meet the different MSU alumni who were excited to meet him.