Pres. Macaayong Joins the MSU-LNCAT’s Kalimudan 2019 as it Celebrates its 99th Year

Pres. Macaayong Joins the MSU-LNCAT’s Kalimudan 2019 as it Celebrates its 99th Year

by Sittie Sohayrah D. Cadalay

It had graduated several outstanding alumni who are now regional and national figures in various fields of specialization. As a trade school, it is tasked to promote and strengthen the quality of industrial technology and skills development to attain market demands and global competitiveness. It was in 1956 when the school was converted into a National School of Arts and Trades by virtue of R. A. No. 1561. In January 10, 2001, a Memorandum of Agreement integrating three CHED-Supervised Institutions (including LNCAT) to MSU System was signed by the MSU System President and the CHED Regional Director.

As an integrated college, it is essential for MSU-LNCAT to achieve the mandated objectives of the Mindanao State University but with particular emphasis on industrial-technical education and skills development. One of the objectives of MSU-LNCAT is to promote personal discipline and social development of students so they will be productive and responsible citizens of Mindanao and the country at-large. Under the dynamic leadership of Hja. Cairany Dia-Gandamra as the new Vocational School Superintendent II, MSU-LNCAT strives to carry out this objective. Thus, holding a Kalimudan (festivity) came into the picture. As the MSU-LNCAT celebrates its 99th year, Kalimudan 2019 featured Palaro/sports events. This year’s theme was which is in cognizance of the school’s objective to promote the optimum development of the individuals through total body movement in the performance of properly selected physical and mental activities. MSU-LNCAT undertakes these sports activities and other related events in cooperation with the SPEAR department. For the second time around in decades, MSU-LNCAT went public through parade as it celebrates the 99th Founding Anniversary. Spearheaded by the Vocational School Superintendent, the SPEAR Coordinator, school officials and with the assistance of the City Traffic Enforcers, MSU-LNCAT roamed half of the city on October 28, 2019. The opening program was graced by the MSU System President Habib W. Macaayong as the guest speaker together with MSU Officials like the Vice President for Administration and Finance Atty. Jamaloden Basar, University Secretary Aragasi Usman and other personalities from the league of directors.

The MSU System President began his speech by reminiscing the past glorious years of the school, mentioning various prominent leaders whose roots of education were traced in LNCAT. He added the reputation of LNCAT once had for having known for producing leadership positions and greatness trend in its younger years. More than anything, this reputation as a provider of quality training or education in the arts and trades should be spoken of as continuing vision and mission of the school. Thus, the MSU System President makes this as a challenge to the LNCATizens to keep on striving and working together to revive the LNCAT’s place as one of the top performing institutions in the country.

He ended his speech by expressing his admiration to the teachers as the nation’s “mga bagong bayani” for their dedication and sacrifices and for enduring the difficulties during the aftermath of the untimely siege that hit Marawi City two years ago.

Dr. Macaayong finally said that his administration will try its utmost capacity and resources to meet the needs of MSU-LNCAT with his indefatigable support to the new management under the headship of Hja. Cairany D. Gandamra and to the entire LNCATizens.

Part of Kalimudan 2019 were the various events played and enjoyed by the faculty, staff and students.

Different fun-filled competitions like ethnic dance, field demonstration, street dance and the likes were presented by every camp on the first day. The students rejoiced when the thrilling ball games were played on the second until the final days of Kalimudan. It was exhausting for the sporty students and enthusiastic players yet worth every sweat and effort.

Many camps excelled by showing their teamwork, thus the spirit of camaraderie was achieved. Many other activities like mind games, Arabic Mosabaqah, literary-musical, search for Mr. and Ms. Palaro 2019, camp beautification and the first ever color fun run made the faculty, staff and especially students delightful and fulfilled. Some members of the Basketball team of AFP in Marawi even joined the Kalimudan 2019 as they spiritedly played in the Friendship games.

The awarding ceremony highlighted the Kalimudan. Every camp received its well-deserved prizes, medals and trophies. The camps which demonstrated the real sense of teamwork were the Camp Raptors and Camp Trailblazers, making them as the Grand Champion in category 1 and 2, respectively. The Superintendent declared the closing of Kalimudan 2019 by expressing her endless gratitude to all those who untiringly supported the event in making it successful.

True to its theme, the LNCATizens as identified by the Dr. Macaayong, felt empowered as they executed every play or game with teamwork. When there is teamwork or solidarity, numerous things can be successfully achieved, and that includes the revival of MSU-LNCAT’s reputation for the next coming years.