LangKit 2019: CED Students prepared to take home the victory

LangKit 2019: CED Students prepared to take home the victory

 Presenting in a conference is an exciting experience, giving you the opportunity to learn more not just about your paper but also about research. Apart from the good experience, you can also improve and learn how to face and deal with various problems, and as a result, you can be more confident.

Victory is difficult to attain especially in research paper presentation. In order to win, practice is necessary. The Language, Kultura and Integration of Technology or LangKIT 2019 is an international conference that is open for all interested graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and staff to showcase and share their research findings.

Since 2016, undergraduate students from the College of Education are actively participating and presenting in the LangKIT conference. With the intention of joining again the said event and of winning, the In-House Research Review Part 1 and 2 were held on February 7 and 16, 2019 respectively not just to enhance the research papers to be presented but also to train and mentor students whose abstracts were accepted for oral presentation. The dean of the College, Dr. Montia D. Sarip, was the judge in Part 1 while two judges, Mr. Jerryk C. Alico and Prof. Roseniya G. Tamano, were invited to give comments and suggestions in Part 2.

The invited judges were very knowledgeable in the field of research. Their comments played a big role for the presenters to learn new ideas and gave them added confidence in presenting their written works.