HRDO Gears for Greater Heights in Coordination with CSC

by Aliah P. Cali-Pascan

Since the start of the Macaayong administration, the HRDO has been gearing itself to step up and improve the performance management of MSU Marawi City through coordinating with the Civil Service Commission’s Field Office in Lanao del Sur, applying the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME HRM).

The Mindanao State University, through the leadership of MSUS President Macaayong has stepped up its commitment to see to it that there is improved service delivery in the Mindanao State University. Immediately after his appointment in March 2016, President Macaayong issued a memorandum to all offices implementing the Republic Act 9485, otherwise known as Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007. All administrative offices, semi-academic and academic units had almost perfected the checklist needed in the ARTA Compliance. In fact, all committees on cleanliness and beautification for administrative, semi-academic, academic units created during the cleanliness and beautification considered ARTA in their checklist or criteria for the inspection of offices or units. MSU Marawi had passed in the ARTA watch for two years consistently. All frontline units such as Registrar’s Offices and other units are gauged to perform in accordance with the Citizen Charter portrayals.

Compared to other administrations, HRDO had gained significant improvements in their recruitment, selection and placement system. This system has been supported with special orders signed by MSUS President Habib W. Macaayong and confirmed in the Board of Regents as the highest policy maker and/ or decision maker of the MSU System. This current administration has also achieved most of the appointments attested in the Civil Service Commission, Field Office, Lanao del Sur.

The 7-point agenda of MSUS President Macaayong emphasized the importance of professional growth of every MSU employee. This is confirmed and reiterated in the Individual Performance Commitment Ratings (IPCR). Each head of a unit is responsible for the improvement of the capacity and capability of the unit’s personnel. In the Office of the President, the Presidential Management Staff Director invited Civil Service Commission, Field Office, Lanao del Sur in the OP Conference Room to have coaching and mentoring sessions as regards the recording and management system. Moreover, HRDO submitted the HR action plan which included the Learning and Development system.

Every December of the year, the Office of the President holds a rewards and recognition program to recognize employees who had served for 40 years and beyond. Recipients receive tokens and certificates from the Office of the President in recognition of their loyalty as evidenced in their long years of service in the University.

The rank and file employees were also able to organize themselves. The faculty organization was legitimized and recognized by Civil Service Commission through Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) with Certificate of Registration No. 1347

As to Performance management, MSU Marawi City now uses the Office Performance Commitment Rating (OPCR) and Individual Performance Commitment Rating (IPCR) as self-assessment tool compared to the previous administration, which had only used the outdated Teaching Evaluation Rating (TER) as a gauge for evaluation. The committee on Performance Management Team (PMT) was created through a Special Order signed by MSUS President in compliance with CSC Memorandum Circular No. 6 s. 2012. From the creation, the Committee worked diligently to conduct a series of technical assistance initiatives. On February 26 to 27 of this year, the committee led the facilitating of technical assistance on Performance Management PRIME HRM Maturity Level 2.