Best Oral Presentation: The intense battle among the presenters

Best Oral Presentation: The intense battle among the presenters

Research does not only revolve on writing. In order for written works or research papers to be acknowledged and be known, presenting it is necessary. Preparation requires more than mere reading of written academic materials. Understanding the depth and breadth of one’s research topic as well as having the ability to effectively communicate it to the target audience are a must.

Before the most awaited presentation, Dr. Montia Jamilah D. Sarip, the dean of the College of Education, the resource speaker at the same time, the judge of the program, lectured about the research writing. Knowing how much experience and knowledge she has in the context of research her lecture was very informative.

There were four pairs of presenters from different degree programs of the College of Education who competed in the said presentation. All of them delivered their own respective research papers with confidence and have cognitively impressed the judge to bring home the prize.

Because of the fierce battle, the judge also had the difficulty in choosing the winners. When the result was finally announced, Ms. Barilla and Mr. Doloricon won the first best oral presenters, the second are Ms. Menor and Ms. Macasundig followed by Mr. Diba and Ms. Mohammad.

Self-fulfillment can be seen in the facial and bodily expressions of the winners. Their hard work and practice paid off, leaving sweet memories and unforgettable moment in their minds. Indeed, active involvement and engagement in research is a roller coaster experience that requires commitment and endurance and the openness to accept uncertainty and confusion. But despite all odds and after surviving the slow and painful process, research experiences are priceless sources of joy and fulfillment.