A Narrative Report on Career Guidance Seminar on Hospitality and Tourism

A Narrative Report on Career Guidance Seminar on Hospitality and Tourism

Soaring the flight of possibilities and voyaging the sea of opportunities, the class of TRM 53 (Special Events and Convention Management) under the auspice of Professor Seanwilfred B. Cayunda and in partnership with the officers of Les’ Turista (LTS) Society of the Tourism Management Department and the Society of Hotel and Restaurant Progress (SHARP) of the Hospitality Management Department organized the Career Guidance Seminar on Hospitality and Tourism Management last January 31, 2019 held at the CHARM Pavilion.

Attended by college and senior high school students of the College of Hotel and Restaurant Management (CHARM), the career guidance seminar aims to enlighten and inspire senior high school student to pursue courses under the Hospitality and Tourism Management. It is also to motivate students of CHARM to continue aiming for their dreams and passion of becoming a successful flight attendant or cabin crew, restaurant and bar manager. Career guidance seminar is one way by which the students are given the opportunity to be motivated and radiate in exploring the world of hospitality and tourism industry. It also helps the student to acquire knowledge and skills through lecture sharing and experience sharing from the guest speakers. Present during the seminar is the Dean of the College Prof. Olivia Sonajo, former dean of the College Prof. Teresita T. Sanchez and former MSU Board of Regent Prof. Cecile B. Mambuay.

To inspire the participants, the organizers invited three (3) notable guest speakers; all are alumni of the said college, with different field of profession. As part of the participation of the college officers, the program started with an Islamic prayer from one of the officers of SHARP Mashoor Cali and followed by a Christian prayer led by Mary Elsefaith Amato, LTS Treasurer. Hassanain O Magarang, LTS Acting President, led the journey of the program as the Master of Ceremony. Hashim Capal, President of SHARP, delivered his opening remarks and stating the importance of the career guidance seminar in pursuing their future careers.

Introduced by CHARM’s Chancellor’s Lister Najmah Dirangarun, the first Guest Speaker was a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management and has worked as a Culinary Associate at the Grand America Hotel in the State of Utah, USA. Ms. Farhannah M. Mapandi kicked off the seminar by inspiring the participants through her stories about her struggles and how she attained her fame. Currently she is the owner of the Just Cakes located at Commercial Center and the FM Sur La Table. Ms. Farhannah also shared how she was chosen out of many applicants to be the assistant chef of a famous French Celebrity Cook. She also shared how she earned her first million as a private chef to Hollywood actors, singers and celebrity athletes. Her stories became an eye opener on how to be a stalwart dreamer. She ended her discussion by quoting “keep dreaming big and work hard for it and in shaa Allah you will achieve it.”

Soaring the Skies: The Road to Become a Cabin Crew was the topic of the second (2nd) Guest Speaker. A graduate of BS Eco Tourism, Ms. Hannah C. Enopia currently works at Qatar Airways as a cabin crew, started presenting her colleagues and their present careers. She intended to introduce the quality products of the CHARM after graduating the courses of HRM and Tourism. Ms. Enopia recalled her learning from the college about Tourism and its importance to the economic, cultural and social factors of the country. Relating to the quotes of the 1st Guest Speaker, Ms. Hannah C. Enopia shared a quote that keeps her motivated, “The greatest regret is when you stop dreaming,” she also added.