Splendid October for the Division of Student Affairs

Splendid October for the Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is renowned for being the most receptive office since it serves most of the MSU students, both the current and those who have graduated and left. Nevertheless, last October 2018 was quiet a surprise for its staff due to higher demands of workloads. Aside from the daily walking in and out students that its staff have been helping, series of meetings for different activities were piled up for almost every other day if not everyday. Two big events were laid down before the month ends. First, was the MSU Student Leaders General Assembly held last October 24, 2018 at the Academic Complex which was attended by 291 student leaders from different colleges and campus organizations. The assembly aimed to gather all together these dynamic young leaders to enhance their skills and potentials in every possible way. The student leaders were given a sufficient time to raise their inquiries addressed to the speakers to open their minds to a new horizon in terms of leadership.

Second, was the Launching of the University Student Handbook. Be it remembered that the last edition of the Student Handbook released was way back 2008. it has been a decade before the coming up of the new revision of its kind. Prior to its realization, the handbook has been into many years of revision in the making. Different committee members had been into it and somehow in one way or another helped in the making of the handbook. Many thanks to Director Engr. Labimombao A.D. Macabando for her unwavering endeavour and determination for the coming up of the handbook. Likewise, much thanks to the reinforcement of the committee members who pursued to make it into reality.

The launching was held at the DSA Office and was made possible by the presence of the MSU Officials headed by VP Rashid Paca, BOR Sec. Usman D. Aragasi, Legal Services Director Atty. Shidik Abantas, SSD Director Normen Biston, other MSU Officials and most of the Directors’ League likewise graced the said event.

The launching was a long time dream made into reality. Indeed, something better comes in determination and perseverance.