Dir. Angni speaks at the 1st SEAITE 2018 in Malaysia

Dir. Angni speaks at the 1st SEAITE 2018 in Malaysia

by Benjamin G. H. Yasser

The Center for Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship Ventures (CBIEV), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Malaysia, in collaboration with the South East Asia Institute of Transformational Entrepreneurship (SEAITE), Coventry University, UK organized the 1st SEAITE Symposium/Think Tank 2018 with the theme “Embracing Entrepreneurship for Educational 4.0” last October 8-9, 2018 at Tunku Abdul Rahman University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Attended by participants from the different parts of the world, the symposium intended to provide a platform for academics, industries, and government agencies to share their experiences and perspectives on how enterprise and entrepreneurs can support sustainable economic growth in Southeast Asia. It further aimed at addressing the key challenge of how entrepreneurship education can support social economics development in the 4.0 era or the internet of things.

As one of the invited experts, MSU-Senior High School Director Prof. Maymunah Melba M. Angni spoke about entrepreneurship as a Senior High School Curriculum Exit in the Philippine basic education system. Prof. Angni highlighted that the Philippines has just transitioned from the 10-year basic education curriculum to a 12-year Basic Education Program with compulsory Kindergarten, as mandated by Republic Act 10533 known as the Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum which recognizes the importance of entrepreneurship as one of the paths for students after finishing senior high school.

Prof. Angni further explained that there are Filipino students who treat college education as a status symbol or sometimes an unreachable dream due to many factors such as unsupportive economic status, insufficient opportunities like scholarships, and in some cases, lack of motivation and appreciation for tertiary education. In fact, some college graduates do not land on a job immediately after graduation. Others even proceed to graduate studies in order to qualify for a single position coveted by many aspiring applicants. Thus, the problem of unemployment becomes a vicious cycle. With the K to 12, students who do not wish or can’t pursue a baccalaureate degree may opt for establishing their own business enterprise after finishing senior high school. This is due to the type of training they would undergo in senior high school which includes entrepreneurial and mid-level skills development aside from formal academic knowledge. Imbued with the necessary 21st century skills as enshrined in the K to 12 curriculum, students would be able to make their lives productive through entrepreneurship, thereby alleviating the unemployment menace.

The symposium laid the foundation for MSU-Senior High School to establish a Business Incubation Center that would serve as platform for showcasing the business ideas of students as show-window to prospective investors and capitalists. In this way, the school concretizes the main goal of the K to 12 curriculum, and that is to make learning meaningful, realistic, and productive through exposing students to the wonders and benefits of entrepreneurship.