CHS Conducts Medical Mission and Blood Donation 2019 CHS Department

by Prof. Naima Mala, Dean, College of Health Sciences

As part of the celebration in the 58th Foundation Day Celebration, MSU through College of Health Sciences in partnership with Provincial Health Center – Lanao del Sur and Amai Pakpak Medical Center conducted the medical mission and blood donation at the Old CHS Grounds last August 30-31, 2019.

The first day of the activity started at 9 am. Some services offered were medical consultation and tooth extraction. The team, considering the languid pace of the people availing the services, were able to provide care to 120 people with four (4) volunteer doctors from the Provincial Health Office performing the medical consultation. The aforementioned institution also sent 25 registered nurses and health workers to aid in the vital signs taking and dispensing of medications. The second day began at the same hour in the morning and were participated by MSU constituents in all levels – faculty, staff and students – each showing their eagerness to donate a portion of their blood volume to help save lives.

In the end, it was a two – day event carried out to help maintain the well being of the University’s Constituents and to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation. The activities were spearheaded by the Dean of the College of Health Sciences, Dr. Naima D. Mala with the chairpersons, Ms. Justille Jane Jalapit and Mr. Jamal T. Alawiya of the Medical Mission and Blood Donation, respectively.