The President’s 7 Point Agenda


  1. FACULTY. The quality of the faculty members primarily determines the strength of the University. Under my leadership, a strong emphasis to academic excellence and full management support of its attainment shall be the guiding principles for executive decisions.
  2. ACADEMIC PROGRAMS. The academic programs of the MSU System have undergone several scrutinise as to its relevance to address the demands of the 21st century. These initiatives have to be sustained until we become globally competitive. I have instructed the concerned the concerned University Officials to immediately consolidate what so far were undertaken vis-à-vis the innovations that are imperative to our becoming world-class.
  3. FACILITIES. Wisdom dictates that in order to achieve the desired result, we must have the right tools for the right person to accomplish the task. We cannot expect any task to be accomplished as desired, when the tool to accomplish it is non-existent, inferior, or not the right one. Building up on the gains of the previous administrations, the imperative to address the build-up of equipment and facilities of the MSU System will be a major concern under my watch.
  4. STUDENTS. The students, as our clientele, bespeaks of the quality of instruction of the MSU System. The quality of our graduates reflects the quality of our preparation as MSU is mandated our service areas, as well as that of the country, as a whole. Notwithstanding, our students must be as globally competitive as those with other better universities in the ASEAN region.
  5. ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT STAFF. Like an efficient machine, the administrative support staff must be so programmed to work cohesively despite the compartmentalized or segmented character each unit may seem to have. I will review the existing structure as to each unit’s functionality and how efficient are these in delivering the quality services expected from them.
  6. OPERATIONAL SECURITY MATTERS. The security situation, particularly of the MSU-Main Campus, has been perennial concern. I will address this matter very seriously and with prudence. MSU-Main Campus must enjoy an atmosphere where all students, employees and visitors could feel secure and safe. The University must enjoy the vibrancy and dynamism of an academic institution absent the fear of being harassed, threatened, kidnapped, violated and worst, killed. Rest assured, I will deal with this matter with utmost urgency.
  7. SYSTEM AND POLICIES. System refers to procedures and processes are governed by a system of rules and policies in order to achieve the desired result. Faced with circumstances where laws, rules, or regulations need to be invoked, it is my position to be just in the discharge of my duties and responsibilities. I will exercise my discretion where I could be fair and prudent. The most important thing in the application of laws and policies is justice – where the highest good is attained, thus, the best interest of the many is served.