MSU Marawi Faculty Commune Sees Festive Rebirth

MSU Marawi Faculty Commune Sees Festive Rebirth

by Johara D. Alangca-Azis, Ph.D.

The MSU Marawi Faculty Commune 2018, which was held on December 13, 2018 at the Dimaporo Gymnasium, truly marked a very significant episode in the history of the Mindanao State University Main Campus, Marawi City. A REBIRTH after more than two (2) decades, this event, spearheaded by the dynamic and visionary Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Florencio D. Recoleto, Jr., is aimed at strengthening the sense of community and oneness among the MSU faculty members of the University and tighten ties towards protecting MSU’s ideals amidst challenges in the workplace, and express meaningfully our love, solidarity, and thanksgiving especially after surviving the unfortunate Marawi Siege.

The affair was enthusiastically supported by the MSU System President, Dr. Habib Watamama Macaayong who graced the affair with his beautiful wife, Madame Pamela Biston Macaayong. College Deans, Directors and other officials of the University attended to cheer the performances of more than five hundred enthusiastic faculty members of the MSU-Main Campus.

Various activities enlivened the Commune 2018. It kicked off with a parade in the morning, the ‘Sintaw’, video presentation of MSU highlights, free services from the College of Health Sciences, live band, and others. One important part of the program was the sharing of treasured and inspiring experiences by some invited retired officials and faculty members of the University, such as former EVP and Alumni Regent Dr. Datumanong A. Sarangani, Prof. Henrieta H. Ele, Dr. Pendililang Gunting, and Dr. Rebekkah M. Alawi (whose message was read by yours truly). Prof. Sixto Ganancial also shared his recollections of past faculty commune he had attended. Another highlight of the program was the ‘Pa-Raffle’ for the faculty members, which really gave much joy and excitement to the attendees because of the ‘super bonggang’ prizes that were bestowed by our MSU Officials. In fact, the Grand Prize, which was a 43” flat screen TV was given by no less than the University President, Dr. Habib W. Macaayong while the second, third, fourth and fifth Prizes were provided by Vice President Prof. Rasid Paca, Vice President Dr. Alma Berowa; BGS President Madame Pamela Biston Macaayong and Vice President Atty. Jam Basar, respectively. The consolation prizes were generously provided by the deans, directors and other benevolent officials and faculty members of the University. Auspiciously, it was Prof. Corazon Olpoc, the Assistant Dean of the Graduate School Center, who won the grand prize.

Finally, the most exhilarating and entertaining parts of the event, which also demonstrated the MSU faculty members’ talents, creativity and enthusiasm were the Team Yells and Cheers during the parade in the morning and the Team Presentations in the afternoon. Each team, composed of three to four colleges and grouped according to birth months (i.e., January to December), made a spectacular and unforgettable presentation that certainly entertained all of us. It was Team May (CSSH, COA & CFES) that won the Most Joyous Team, while Team December (CoEd, CPA & CBAA) got the Best Performance!

The remarkable event ended with a Faculty Solidarity Singing where senior and junior faculty members sang “Journey” and “I Believe I Can Fly” respectively, and a dance interpretation of the MSU Hymn. Alhamdullillah! The event was successful, and everyone was looking forward to the 2019 Faculty Commune Insha Allah. Mabuhay ang MSU Faculty Members!