MSU celebrates 118th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary

MSU celebrates 118th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary

by Nasrimah R. Sampaco

As still a part of the MSU 57th anniversary celebration, the Mindanao State University together with the Philippine Civil Service-Lanao del Sur Field Office, celebrated the 118th Philippine Civil Service (PSC) anniversary with the theme, “LINGKOD BAYANI: Makadiyos, Makatao at Makabayan,” on September 3 at the CSC-Lanao del Sur Field Office, MSU, Marawi City.

The celebration was in commemoration of the enactment of Public Law No. 5-An act for the establishment and maintenance of an efficient and honest civil service in the whole country- and to the services being rendered by the public servants who uphold the country’s societal goal and over-all vision.

During the flag ceremony conducted on the same day at the Isidro Hall, CSC-Lanao del Sur Field Office director, Sandra Arnica M. Usman conveyed her warm greetings to all MSU personnel whom she called Lingkod Kawani ng Gobyerno under the leadership of Dr. Habib Watamama Macaayong. “I thank all of the MSU employees (both faculty and staff) who continue to render services to the youth of our nation especially in the MINSUPALA Region just to provide them quality education,” she said.

Highlighting the CSC anniversary celebration, the Human Resource and Development Office (HRDO) conducted a Lecture-Seminar on the 2017 Revised Ruled on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service on September 20 at the CHARM Pavilion which was attended by the University officials, college deans, and some administrative staff. 2017 RRACCS was adopted and promulgated in order to implement the government goal and objectives in a just, speedy, and inexpensive manner. The lecture session was deliberated by the Legal Office Director, Atty. Shidick T. Abantas.

HRDO Director, Amer D. Pangandaman stressed the importance of understanding the 2017 RRACCS particularly in providing effective and efficient public services to the number one clients-the Filipino people. “As public servants, we are ought to perform our duties and responsibilities with transparency and accountability. This is how we are going to achieve the good governance para makapaglingkod tayo ng tama at totoo.’’ he emphasized.