MSU Acquired New Water Purification Systems

MSU Acquired New Water Purification Systems

By Nasrimah R. Sampaco

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the two new Water Purification Sys­tems acquired by MSU-Main from Aqua Vie was held on November 27 at the Motorpool Water System Division spearheaded by the MSUS President, Dr. Habib W. Macaayong.

“MSU will continue to achieve its vision of being a globally competitive univer­sity. For the previous months, vehicles to cater the trans­portation needs of the MSU employees and students, and more are coming for the suc­ceeding year. Now, we are able to acquire 2 Water Puri­fication Systems to cater the water problem of the constitu­ents,” said by the President.

“MSU will continue to achieve its vi­sion of being a globally competitive uni­versity. Now, we are able to acquire two Water Purification Systems to cater to the water problem of the constituents,” said the President. “All of these will not be possible without the continuous support of the officials, faculty, staff and students to the university admin­istration,” he added.

As a basic utility commodity, the Water Purification Systems will be part­ly subsidized by the MPWSD intended to provide services to all MSU constit­uents as primary beneficiaries. A wa­ter refilling station will be established to make it more convenient for the beneficiaries. Two pesos per liter will be collected necessary for repair and maintenance. The water refilling sta­tion is expected to be fully operational before the year ends.

Engr. Labimombao A.D. Macaban­do, Director of MPWSD, expressed her happiness for the accomplishments being achieved by the university un­der Pres. Macaayong’s administration and thanked the heads of offices and deans of the colleges.

Dr. Rasid M. Paca, Vice President for Planning and Development said on his closing remarks that he is thrilled with the changes happening in the universi­ty. He also highlighted that the Planning and Development Office will continue to support the current administration in implementing its development plans. “Our acquisition for the new Water Pu­rification Systems is a great achieve­ment for the university. It became dif­ficult to get the machines because we had to pass in a needle’s hole, but the President did’ his best to acquire it with the noble purpose of coping with the needs of the MSU constituents”, he em­phasized.

According to Director Usman Ara­gasi of the Division of Student Affairs, the Water Purification Systems have a capacity to accommodate the water necessities of all residents in MSU-Main Campus. He also said that the two ma­chines have undergone test-run trial in Manila and Iligan City using water sam­ples from the Pasig River – one of the most polluted rivers reported in the Phil­ippines. The water sample turned 0% from 99% bacteria-positive after it went through the purification process.