2017 University Intramural Games inspires athletes to play for Unity and Peace

2017 University Intramural Games inspires athletes to play for Unity and Peace

by Nasrimah R. Sampaco

With the theme One Heart, One MSU for Unity and Peace through Sports, the 2017 University Intra­mural Games was successfully held on November 8-11 at the MSU oval grounds spearheaded by the College of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation with Prof. Nasroding I. Bashier, Director of the Department of Athlet­ics, as lead facilitator.

Prof. Nenita P. Samong, Dean of CSPEAR, encouraged the young athletes to play with their full ability without breaking the rules and regulations of the games as she delivers the opening remarks on November 8. “Let us en­joy the games. Let us also respect not only our teammates and game officials but also our opponents from other col­leges. Most of all, be humble for winning and assure ac­ceptance for losing”, she said.

Atty. Macaumbao U. Baunto, Assistant Vice Chan­cellor for Administration and Finance, delivered a stirring message to the athletes, coaches and game officials. “The University Intramural Games does not aim to deter­mine which college athletes or teams are the strongest or toughest inside the court. Its main purpose is to foster friendship in order to promote peace, unity and harmony through sports,” he emphasized.

Armed with excitement, the representatives of the deans of the participating colleges presented their col­lege athletes as students cheered for their bets. Reham Pandapatan, a gold medalist of the University Karatedo Varsity led the Oath of Sportsmanship where competing athletes pledged for a fair and responsible play by show­ing respect and politeness to their co-competitors.

CSPEAR-Bangkaw Dance Corps wowed the crowd with their dance performance. Like any other sports com­petitions, the urn was lit to officially start the competition followed by a ceremonial toss.

Overall Chairman of the UIG Prof. Hasan L. Maranda Jr. assured that each competition was well facilitated. “The 2017 University Intramural Games was organized to make the young athletes of the university realize that power lies behind sports. It is merely intended to reduce the distress brought by the war happened in Marawi City. We pro­mote peace and unity by engaging the college players into different sports they are interested and capable of,” he said.