MSU 3rd Shariah Bar Review Lecture Completed

By Rohanisa Z. Pangcoga

In preparation for the 2018 Shariah Bar Eaxamination, fifty-nine (59) prospect examinees finally completed the Shariah Bar Review Lecture last November 26, 2017 at MSU Shariah Center. The training was facilitated by some of the country’s best Shariah lawyers and legal luminaries in the practice of law. Among them were Fiscal Nadjer D. Pintara, Atty. Faisal P. Cali, Atty. Najeeb L. Talib, Judge Aboali J. Cali, Atty. Norhabib Bin Suod S. Barodi, Atty., Hamid A. Barra, Dr. Ansawil G. Ronsing and Dr. Abdulcader M. Ayo.

Shariah Counselor Aliah Cali–Pascan, Director of MSU Shariah Center, expressed her gratitude for the success of the program. “We are confident that our trainees are academically prepared to take the bar examinations, “she stated. “A chaperon group from the center was organized to escort our examinees to boost their confidence, “she also added. Being undefeated as number one producer of the Best Shariah Lawyers in the whole country, Mindanao State University under the stewardship of MSUS President Dr. Habib W. Macaayong committed its full support to the examinees.

The Shariah Bar examination is seemingly becoming harder, in fact, there are four (4) categories where the examinees should emerge. These are the 1. Court Procedure and Evidence, 2. Persons and Family Relations and Property, 3. Islamic Jurisprudence and Local Adat (Character), and 4. Succession, Wills Adjudication and Settlement of Estate. The examinees had just taken the Mockbar (pre Shariah exam) test last Dec 3 and 10, 2017. They are currently preparing for the upcoming Shariah Bar Examination on Jan.,